In the realm of expression, where words may sway,
There lies a murmur, subtle as the day.
Ehh, a whisper soft, unspoken and light,
A moment of hesitation, between dark and bright.

A pause in the rhythm, a break in the verse,
Ehh weaves through the silence, both tentative and terse.
For within the unsure, a seed is sown,
A chance for reflection, in the unknown.

Oh, the enigmatic ehh, a mystery to embrace,
A gentle reminder that life's not a race.
For in the moments uncertain, we often find,
The strength to move forward, and leave doubts behind.

Ehh, a bridge between thoughts, where possibilities lie,
A canvas of wonder, beneath the infinite sky.
In the quiet of ehh, the heart learns to bend,
Embracing the beauty of the unspoken, my friend.

So treasure the ehh, and the secrets it keeps,
A haven of solace, where the soul softly speaks.
For within the ehh, we may just find,
The key to the universe, and the treasures inside.

Francois Carrillo